Visualization Technique – The Snapshot Technique

When visualizing a desire in your mind, there are among others 2 techniques that I rely on most to get the best results. The first is the action sequence visualization where you visualize yourself in an ongoing movie having and achieving your goals. The second is the snapshot technique which is where you see a series of pictures in your mind, as if you were flicking through a one page photo album. The snapshot technique is a very simple but effective visualization technique because it requires only 30 seconds of your time and only a small amount of focus because with each snapshot comes a change in focus and as your subconscious mind only understands pictures and feelings, this technique is as good as any other.

First of all you need a goal with which to focus on so if you haven’t already, get a sheet of paper and write down your desires. Remember to be honest with yourself about what you want. If you need more money to pay your bills then visualize precisely that, or if you wish to get a promotion at work then focus only on that. Wanting to be a millionaire just for the sake of being rich will be extremely difficult for you to become emotionally connected to because you have no goal, no purpose for it. Therefore, because of the lack of connection to that desire it won’t be long before you give up on it. So look at your life and ask yourself this question, “What do I need to make my life better than it currently is?” Or this question, “What do I need to do in order to live a better life?” List your answers on a piece of paper or notebook.

Next, take one of your goals and concentrate on it. Close your eyes and begin to feel the feeling of having it right now. Make that feeling real. At first it will be difficult to fake it but nevertheless, keep going until the feeling starts to feel real. Then flash images of you having already achieved your goal through your mind one by one as if you are flicking through a photo album. When each picture is suspended there in your mind’s eye, feel the surge of emotions like joy, achievement and happiness, then flick to the next picture which should be closely related to the first. These pictures could be a sequence of pictures leading up to the completion of a goal or they can be pictures showing you living with having completed your goal.

Always remember, to feel the emotions that will set your subconscious mind in motion!