Turn Your Snapshot Into a Jackpot – How to Sell Vacation Photos on eBay

If you’re like most Americans, you probably have albums full of vacation photos from over the years stacked on shelves around your home. Scenes of the Grand Canyon, Trevi Fountain, or the Eiffel Tower bring back fond memories of fun times on the road or in the air. Perhaps you might even have a photo or two from a vacation blown up into a bigger size in a frame hanging on a wall in your home or office. But have you ever thought that these photos could turn into cash? Many restaurants, corporate offices, dentist or doctor offices, cafes, and even just a home or apartment feature scenic views of faraway places to soothe visitors. eBay is the perfect place to sell these photos since they can be acquired cheaply and even in larger quantities for one-stop-shop decorating. Knowing how to properly advertise your photos on eBay can attract these decorators and turn into a jackpot for you.

First, you want to choose photos that will sell. Obviously snapshots of cousin Eddie standing in front of a fiberglass dinosaur at the desert rest stop will not be of interest to most people. But good quality scenes of famous places or beautiful pictures of tranquil landscapes will appeal to many decorators. Scenes from national parks such as rivers, mountains, canyons, desert, or glaciers will appeal to many, as well as monuments that are familiar or interesting, such as architecture, statues, or fountains. Photos of a London phone booth, the Rialto Bridge in Venice, the Great Wall of China, elephants on an African plain, or a fish market in Tokyo will have wide appeal and, depending on the photo’s structure, will make a wonderful centerpiece for a room. You can choose from photographs you already have, or the next time you go on vacation, you can take a few extra snapshots to sell.

Next, the way you title your listing will have the most impact on your sale. Getting your photo viewed is more than half of the battle. Thinking of key words for your title, such as “Venice” as well as “Italy” will help those searching by either word and yield more hits for you. Some bidders may come to eBay looking for photos, but others may be impulse shoppers and drop by your listing out of curiosity. Luring these shoppers with key words, such as “China” or “elephant” may garner a bid, even if they were originally looking for a China doll or an elephant bracelet charm. With thousands of posters and prints for sale, setting your photo apart in your description is key. You should paint the picture of how your photo can be used. Don’t make the buyer have to do the work and think of how it can be displayed-display it for them. Such descriptions as “just the thing to welcome your guests in the lobby of your office,” or “golden hues of the sun setting on the Rialto Bridge will turn the walls of your cafe or living room into Venice for your guests.” It is critical to tell your bidders whether or not they will receive the photo framed (this will significantly affect your listing price), if the photo will arrive rolled in a tube or flat, the dimensions of the photo (you may want to offer bidders their choice within a range), and if the photo is color, black and white, gloss, or matte finish. You may also want to consider selling photos in a lot to attract those who are doing decorating for large spaces and multiple venues.

Finally, you must provide a photo of the landscape you offer for sale. Spend $50 on a cheap digital camera or lose the sale. Spend the extra 25 cents for the gallery listing and increase your visibility. You may want to offer a photo of your landscape as a whole, as well as a close up of the main area of the landscape so viewers can get a sense of the quality of your work.

Vacation photos sitting in photo albums have wonderful sentimental value for your family. But extending that value and putting money in your pocket is only an eBay away.