Social Media and Guest Snapshots

When you think of the memories you’ll have and share of your special day, thoughts of your professionally done wedding portraits should be at the forefront of your mind. What you may not think of immediately is guest snapshots; the in-the-moment pictures your friends and family quickly snap up while shaking a leg on the dance floor. Although these images can be beautiful and full of life, and many argue add a degree of personality to any photo album, they’re not likely to catch your better side or portray your Aunt’s bright yellow party dress in the best lighting conditions. As such, many new couples are searching for alternatives which allow them to choose the first images shared around on their social media platforms like Facebook and Google+.

If this is a concern for you talk to your wedding photographer about social media options. Many photographers, including Piper Studios, offer digital images via DVD, which are easily uploaded to any social media platform. If you’ve chosen your photographer correctly these digital copies will portray the event with more creativity, artistry and more beautifully than anything your guests could tag on their walls. And if making sure you’re the first to upload the photos of your dress isn’t a top priority, there’s still the option of including your guest’s photographs in you professionally built album or DVD. These photos often resonate with the love and affection only friends and family can bring to the camera, and bring a sense of reality to your memories of that one day when you were truly the life of the party.

Additionally, including guests photos will provide more complete coverage of the event, capturing spontaneous moments and guest interactions you may have missed. Many wedding photographers pride themselves on the orchestration of all the visual memories for these special events, often incorporating slideshows, video, and guest photographs in their work. Yet an album put together by your friends and family is another option altogether. Letting your loved ones pick and choose the images they feel best portray the evening, your relationship with your new spouse, or even your relationship with them can give an interesting and unique spin to the wedding album. Consider asking a group of friends, perhaps colleagues or university chums, to put together an album, using your professional photographs and their own, and you’ll be surprised at how thoughtful and personal the results can be. These types of projects produce irreplaceable mementos you’ll cherish for years alongside your professionally done portraits.