Relationships Matter – How to Stop Time With Personal Snapshots of Your Memories

Relationships matter. As a society have we become so caught up in ourselves and ‘me time’ that our relationships cease to matter anymore? The computer and cell phone has given us a way to interact with one another without spending any face time. It’s all done by the press of a key on a keyboard. However, the facts remains that with all the texting and email, you can’t stop time and create memories or snapshots with your family and friends. 

How do you stop time? How does one capture the very time, the very moment of an event in their life? You can’t capture a moment in your life if you fail to recognize it occurring before you. Sometimes our moments occur without our own personal knowledge, but may be captured by an onlooker or the other person involved. This snapshot of time standing still could have happened unexpectedly or was intentionally orchestrated. What are these captured snapshots and how can we assure ourselves of being able to create more?

Einstein talked about time being relative. Some may argue that you cannot stop time, but if we delve closer into this assertion there is an experiment where you stare at the second hand on a clock while you that time has stopped as the second hand appears to stall while in motion just for a moment. There are some that say it is an optical illusion drawn from the conscious mind. That may be true, but we all have had moments where we have sensed our second hand had momentarily stood still.

The passage of time is not about the second hand on a clock, but about our relationships with people especially those in your life that bring you the most joy. When time is captured, it stands still. It becomes defined as “in the moment” because time becomes suspended while the event is occurring. The experience, the memory, the moment created lingers like the feeling you get from the innocence of a child’s hug or the faint smell of lingering perfume or cologne from your lover as you release each other from a loving embrace.  So, instead of investing in materials to save your marriage or get your ex back, think of the moments when time stood still and the feeling your experienced with that person and that will guide you back to how to save your relationship.

Relationships do matter. When the moment is there, you absentmindedly reminiscence about it while you’re stuck in traffic or waiting for the elevator. It’s like good food or fine wine which lingers heavily as it encapsulates you as time stood still just for that instant, just for that moment.  And, if you’re lucky, you’ve created many of them to relive continuously throughout your life.  For some, time stood still at the birth of your children, your first kiss, your first intimate encounter and yes, the ache in your heart over the first argument with someone you love dearly.

Have you thought about it now? How do you capture the moment? How do you stop time? Besides the use of a voice recorder, photograph or video the only other way to capture the moment is through our memories which sometimes can’t be counted upon to be an accurate account.

How do you capture time? Why you live each day creating those special moments with the people you care about the most. Each time you look in your child’s face and see yourself in their eyes you create a moment where you capture the significance of their existence. When you hold your elderly parent or loved one in your arms as you twinge with empathy at their frailty recalling the times that you relied on them for their strength and invincibility. Now you have taken their place.

You capture time by creating memories with the people in your life that matter because you couldn’t imagine your life without them in it. They make you feel safe. Sometimes they make you angry. They make you laugh and sometimes even cry. After these emotional and mental snapshots comes a quiet remembrance when time stood still for a moment and you swear you could hear the ever so lightly whisper of “I love you” only heard in silent understanding by those present as the slight pause in time occurred.

There are some of us who may choose to freeze the moment longer than necessary. We create a snapshot where you bid an extended unspoken farewell out of anger or misunderstanding as you move them further away from you with an awkward distance that neither of you can truly comprehend. Time frozen in hostility sometimes can never be forgiven. It just hangs suspended like a lone icicle on a snow filled roof top basked in heavy stillness. A coldness where the path to tolerance has been shut down by pride and a steely unwillingness to just “let it go” and move forward.

We all have the choice of how we will stop time and create our snapshots with or without our loved ones in our lives. However, we all know that the most pleasurable stoppage of time is when we’re in the zone and our family and friends are the focal point, our clock, our second hand.

Go out and create moments where you can see, hear and feel when time stood still because of the moments and your life’s snapshots you’ve created. And, as one last piece of advice, while you’re present in the moment, promise yourself to welcome the stoppage of time, savor the experience with peaceful surrender, as you deliberately take in this moment, this time, this life, your life.