A Snapshot Over a Pose

So why do some professionals choose to do snapshots over poses? Snapshots are very easy to do when all you do is take a picture while your person moves around. These pictures look more natural in many ways than do poses. The next time you look at a picture see if you can determine whether it was a snapshot or a pose. I bet you will be able to tell since most poses are really dramatic.

As a photographer I choose a snapshot over a pose only when shooting people. The reason for this is because people tend to over pose and objects do what you want them to do. When taking a picture of a building you can wait till the time is right if you don’t have enough light, or you can wait till more lights are on in the building to get the right light and dark contrasting. As you can see there are many ways you can change the look of a picture just by waiting a little while. When taking pictures use the time you have, don’t just rush a picture because you may miss the opportunity for a great picture.

Remember, some of the best photographs ever taken weren’t planned out and practiced over and over. Do you remember the World Trade Centers, and all the pictures that were taken when they fell? Those pictures weren’t planned out, then were just spur of the moment pictures that nobody could have predicted. So try to take into consideration the next time you take a photograph, what is the best way to capture this magical moment?